Elite Corp is the parent corporation of several small businesses, including our top two businesses, Elite Transcription and Elite Real Estate. Many of these businesses started in a small home office and grew in size to be profitable, successful corporations in their own right.

Elite Transcription has been by far our most successful company to date. With over a dozen transcribers all over the United States and multiple corporate and private clients, Elite Transcription grew from one transcriber in one home office to the organization it is today.

Elite Corp’s mission statement is “Filling a Need, Wherever We Are”. Through our transcription business, we found another need: tens of thousands of people all over the US wanted to break into transcription, but either didn’t have the skills or the knowledge or both to not only get a start with a top-paying transcription company, but to build it into a successful business that provided sustainable income for the individual and their family.

Enter the Elite Transcription Course. Written by top-performing transcribers and the original owner of Elite Transcription, with input from clients and other leaders in the transcription industry, the Elite Transcription Course provides an affordable way for anyone with solid English grammar and spelling skills and typing speed. Even if you don’t have these skills, the course will point you to the right resources to obtain these skills while learning transcription. As our CEO, Krysty Underwood, is fond of saying, “With enough practice, patience, and perseverance, anyone with an average or higher level of intelligence can learn and be successful in transcription.”

This is the next need Elite Corp will fill: a transcription course for anyone who wants to learn transcription, regardless of their current skill level.


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