Double Your Salary with AutoCorrect Shortcuts


What are AutoCorrect Shortcuts?

AutoCorrect Shortcuts are shortened versions of words that, when added to MS Word’s AutoCorrect feature, expand as you type to create the actual words. So if I wanted to type “manufacture” and I had added this word to AutoCorrect with the shortcut “manuf”, when I type m-a-n-u-f and hit space, punctuation, or enter, it will automatically expand to “manufacture”.

You can find out how to use AutoCorrect, the MS Word feature, here.

Why Would I Use Them?

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Why Transcription Is Here to Stay


Not knowing whether transcription was going to be able to be a lifetime career due to the ever-changing and improving technology was a huge fear of my when I first started in transcription over five years ago. Over the past year of really digging into the subject, I’ve realized that, although my grandchildren probably will not be able to get a transcription job when they grow up because I do believe that technology will eventually catch up, my business is on sure footing at least through my lifetime and probably my daughter’s as well.

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