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If you can type and have good grammar and spelling, general transcription work may be your path to financial freedom!


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In the 10-course Udemy-hosted series, you will receive:

• Video Lectures by Krysty Underwood, CEO of Elite Corp, Elite Transcription, and Elite REI.

• Audio and video transcription practice with step-by-step video instructions on a variety of topics at every range of difficulty

• Tips and tools to start your own transcription business

• An in-depth look at AutoCorrect shortcuts and how to use them to make more money

• A list of the top-paying transcription companies.

• BONUS: An interview with Jolie Cooke, CEO of eTranscription Solutions, on what she looks for in a great transcriber.

• And much more!


What this program will do for you:

• Provide training in basic and advanced skills in general transcription, including a detailed overview of what general transcription is and is not.• Teach you to select and set up the equipment and software needed to start working in transcription at home.

• Show you step-by-step how to set up templates and use client-specific style guides.

• Explain the different types of transcription.

• Provide an advanced spelling and grammar lesson.

• Teach you to use autocorrect shortcuts to increase typing speed by 100% or more.

• Walk you through the process of transcribing a file from downloading an assignment to submission back to the client.

• Show you how to proof a file to audio to ensure 99% accuracy.

• Help you find remote transcription work with the top-paying businesses in the industry.

• Advise you on how to start your own transcription business with private clients and even how to advertise for, screen, hire, and train your own transcribers.


What this program will not do:

• Guarantee you a job with a company upon completion of the course. Industry demand is constantly changing, and you must seek out job and business opportunities if you want them.• Provide recommendations for you to any transcription company or client. Since this is a self-study course, Elite Transcription has no way of ensuring that you have actually completed the course. Therefore, we cannot put our reputation on the line by recommending you to a company or client. It is up to you to do the legwork. We will lay out the path to follow, but you must take the steps to get there.

• Grade your work. All answer keys and fully proofed transcripts are included for the tests and audio practice in this course. We do not provide grading or feedback. The best person to gauge your transcription skills is you.

• Provide a private coach or tutor. This course is self-paced and designed to be easy to follow on your own. It has been product tested with several transcribers of all skill levels and experience and improved using the feedback they have provided.

• Include the equipment for transcription. You will need to buy your own foot pedal, transcription software, and headphones. However, this course makes several recommendations and provides product reviews for each of these.

• Train you in medical or legal transcription. These are very specialized areas of transcription, ones that, in our opinion, take too long to learn and do not provide substantial financial compensation for the time and effort needed. General transcription is easier and pays better, in our experience.

• Be a perfect source of material. There is no such thing as a perfect transcript. There is no such thing as a perfect course. With future editions, we will make edits and changes based on student recommendations and corrections. If you find an error, please email us at the email provided in the textbook to let us know.


We know that you will be absolutely thrilled with this high quality course. However, if for any reason you are not satisfied, just contact us using the contact information in the textbook within 60 days and receive not just a 100% refund, but a 110% refund of your full purchase price, including shipping, no questions asked. Yes, we are so confident that our product will provide you with a well-rounded transcription education that we will pay you 10% over your purchase price along with your refund and shipping fees, and you have a full 60 days to test it out, not just 30. This is not a scam, gimmick, or cheap product. You are investing your hard-earned money in your education and financial well-being. You deserve a quality product.

This is an educational course, not a get-rich-quick pyramid scheme or a way to make money by doing nothing. Transcription is hard work, mentally speaking, but it can be a very lucrative career or business. You really can make money by working from home, and we understand that the keyword in that sentence is “working”. With the skills we know you will learn in this course, we are confident you will be successful in your transcription career.

Start your career or business in transcription from home today! Get your foot in the door with the top paying transcription companies or with private clients who need your help, and begin your journey financial freedom.


Enroll now via Udemy